A Little Bit Of Heaven

With a little bit of the money Mother left my sister, she bought a garden bench, positioned it in a quiet corner of her garden by the Scots Pine and with the birds singing and the warm Summer breeze rustling through the trees, she would relax and find contentment, so I wrote her this small verse.

As I sit and rest here,
I think of loved ones I hold dear.

Should a tear roll down my face,
It’s because I am in this special place.

If while here, I fall to sleep,
Please angels watch and angels keep.

And should a smile be on my face,
It’s because we are together in this place.

We all have our own bit of heaven and for me, the enjoyment is not only what is written down, but often what is not, for the ideas that come to me one minute and are lost the next, make the fun of writing such a challenge.

By Richard Ridding
A Storyteller from Burntwood.